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5 Terrible Life Lessons That Pokemon Taught Us All


Really really proud of Team Youtube. Some people might think they failed, but having the privilege to watch them online every day made me realize they actually achieved a lot more than people can see with this experience. You can only see people’s true selves in situations like this, and they sure showed the best side of them. They might not be the strongest team for that kind of race, but I’m sure the maturity they developed can take them to even better places. They went as Team Cute and came back as Team Passion, Team Positive, Team Fun, Team Sincere, Team Selfless, Team HEART, team FRIENDSHIP and no money can make up for these qualities. I’ve never loved them more. Thanks for the fun!

My favorite Amazing Race Team of all time.

R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman, we’ll never forget you.


Grumpy Cat Shows Her Disney Side [x]

this is so cute

Christina Milian - Call Me, Beep Me!
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Call Me, Beep Me - Kim Possible

I accidentally had my earbuds unplugged, and after the first beep my brother sat up and said “KIM POSSIBLE!”

for the feels. all the feels.

I remembered all the words in less than 2 seconds after the first few beeps

One of my favorite shows
Happy Birthday Josh Hutcherson

Happy Birthday Josh Hutcherson


FANGIRL CHALLENGE ♔ ten male characters {8/10}

↬ Jesse (Pitch Perfect, 2012)

This is such a good video.

Catching Fire

Catching Fire

best shows ever

"Endings are the best part."(Jesse)

"Endings are the best part."(Jesse)